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About Me

I've been both an Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur throughout my life.  I've lead fortune 500 teams in technology, logistics and distribution.  I've lead or owned small companies competing with giants in the energy, manufacturing and logistics sectors.  I've arranged financing's, divestitures and acquisitions. 

I was was inspired at an early age by the works of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Tom Peters and my favourite Michael Porter. Porter's writings encouraged me to to enrol for Business Admin Marketing at Georgian College . Subsequent to College I've completed an MBA program at Heriot Watt.

I've always been a business nerd, reading and investigating on best practises.

Tenets I try to live by:

  1. Be true to myself. It’s getting a sense of who you really are, what you want and what you’re truly capable of.  No pretense, no façade.
  1. Leave no regrets. We all have them and it’s not just a cliché stage of the “9 step program”.  It’s about sincerely being apologetic for transgressions and not being afraid to “step it up” and crush it!
  1. Be a loving person.  It’s a work in progress but you really can’t love anyone else…unless you’re somewhat happy with yourself.
  1. Live the moment. Someone tried to teach me that years ago…I’m starting to get it now.
  1. Give more than you take. We should all go out of our way, every day, to put a smile on someone’s face, delight them.  I try and it’s hard.  I’ll never be as good as my partner but she’s an angel.  Or Batwomen?

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About Sine Cera

There’s 525,600 minutes in a year. The average “good” life expectancy of an Albertan is 83 years. So…how much “good” life do you have left?

Freedom? Surprise, it’s not free…its hard work.  It's more about working SMART.  If you're an Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur you need to check out our SMART video and see if anything resonates with you.

Seriously, that's what we are offering here. Better use of the ever depreciating asset TIME and positioning you, to spend it doing the things you really want to do in life.  FREEDOM.

So...what's in your bucket list?

Not About

Buyers remorse. No, we don't want you reviewing our invoice, scratching your head and saying "I'm paying these guys more than myself."  

Welcome to the unconventional consultant.  Within an hour we'll know, rather you'll know if we can help you.

I'll guarantee you this:  If we do work together, you'll never wince when it comes to paying a Sine Cera invoice.

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Not About

Filling out surveys...questionnaires. Not wasting you or your peoples time. If you don't have enough Business Intelligence that we can disseminate, then we'd question...are you really a business?

More often than not, key stakeholders know what's missing. At Sine Cera we role up our sleeves and meet with key employees, prospects, customers and channel partners. From there, we assist in developing the strategy, encourage buy in and ensure execution.  

Not About

Silly people going through "analysis paralysis" on how to reduce your burn so that your P/L looks good for a quarter or two.   If you need an exit strategy, we'll let you know.  Sine Cera is about growing businesses not shrinking them.  We're about turning people into Giants, not Dwarfs.  

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Let's have a coffee, I want to hear your story.  Where you are and most important where you want to be.