Your Strategy & Tactics
Plan your work and work your plan. But is it the right plan? Strategy and tactics are two different things. When you formulate business strategy you choose tactics that will help to achieve your strategic goals. Do you have the right strategy...tactics? At Sine Cera we will help you create the right strategy & tactics for your business success.


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Your People
People are your most important resource. But do we really put this knowledge into practice?   Sine Cera understands, through experience and exposure how to tap into your people resource pool.  We will always give you the straight goods.  Did you lose a prospect or customer?  Never really felt that you've understood why?   How about that supplier / channel partner? For some reason you're just not making proper headway.  If only you could win them over, you would absolutely crush it!  Sine Cera will provide you with unique insight and help you identify the Giants in your company.  If you're geared and ready to expand, we can also put together deals with private equity firms to help propel you to that next level.  It's all about people.  We go beyond Sales & Marketing talent, have one of our certified HR gurus conduct a talent audit.  Identify the people programs gaps and successes.



Your Customers
Show them you care and they will be much more willing to share. No Trust, No Need, No Help and No Hurry are the barriers that must be overcome to turn prospects into customers. Sales winners sell radically differently than the second-place finishers.  In many ways, what sales winners do differently is both surprising and fascinating.  Sine Cera will show you how to make that transition long lasting. We'll help you get your Sales, Marketing and Product Delivery team not over promising and under delivering.






Execution & Coaching
Being accountable to ourselves is not enough. We clearly need others, preferably outside of our organization, to hold us accountable and to help us accelerate our learning. We need others to help us fight the continual battles against our own human nature and our tendency to do what we want to do, rather than what we need to do. The reality is without accountability there's no one in your life telling you to pull the trigger on the big thinking of your most ambitious plans. We need others to challenge our way of thinking and acting.  For as little as $1,000 per month Sine Cera can provide a level of coaching that will be your best ROI this year.

Schedule a Visit
Call or email to schedule a informal sit down. Let's discuss where your business is and where you'd like it to be.  There's no obligation.  Sometimes just sharing "your story" with another professional will provide you some insight.  Sine Cera might be able to help you find some time, so you can do, what you'd really like to do.